Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Teacher identity: a shifting work in progress for student teachers, Nicholle S. Schuelke

Environmental literacy and activism: a case study of how the school for environmental studies (MN) influenced its graduates, Celia Bonady Smith

Ignorance is not bliss: single mothers describe navigating postsecondary institutions, M. Laurel Walsh

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

In their own voices: African American students talk about rigorous course work with a focus on science, Rebecca J. L. Keller

Knowledge building in a culinary classroom environment using team-based learning strategy, Byron J. Korus

How do graduate students in an onlne graduate class titled teaching reading describe their experience of community, Elizabeth Christena Ragatz

Exploring the role of literature in the lives of college women: reflections on the influence of literature from adolescence, Amanda M. Sass-Henke

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

How Colombian low-income public college senior students describe their policy experiences regarding gaining access to higher education, Hader A. Guana Benitez

Investigating the need for community support: parents of middle school students with an emotional and/or behavioral disorder describe their needs, Debra J. Castner

The view from midwinter: mature, experienced elementary teachers share their wisdom-in-practice, Karen L. Eichman

Five Minnesota districts' perceptions of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 English language learner tests and their implications for program, instruction, and climate, Julie Marie Henderson

The impact of technology integration on the role of the library media specialist, Regina M. Light

Storied lives: the journey of white women teachers to urban schools, Jan Sterner Mitchell

Urban school district central office leadership processes and structures sustain school reform, Charlayne Myers

Exploring early childhood special education teachers descriptions of learners with autism spectrum disorder, with emotional behavioral disorder, with developmental cognitive delay, and with prenatal chemical exposure, Cheryl R. Rademacher

Hear me yell, hear me cry, just listen!: exploring the efficacy of African American teachers through narrative, Robert Weldon Simmons

Collaborative leadership in Catholic elementary schools, Susan Skaar

Herstory: journeys of Hmong American women in acquiring the principalship, Kaying Xiong

Parental support factors of gifted and talented Hmong students' academic success, La Yang

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Digital video: a tool for developing voice in writing, Julie A. Beddow-Schubert

Developing first-generation, low-income students: exploring upward bound students' growth in academic and social integration, Le Roy J. D. Chappell

Factors contributing to Hmong university students' academic success and failure: a perspective from parents and students, Danai Chowwiwat

Fracturing the glass wall: creating mathematical understanding through metaphor, Connye LaCombe

Writers as teachers: a balancing act, Suzanne Ruth Nielsen

The school of hearing, speech, and language sciences undergraduate research club at Ohio University: a case study, Karin Kongsjord Nikula

Lived experiences and their impact on new teacher attrition, Glori Dawn Sundberg

Agents of change: transforming our patients transforming ourselves, Lisa M. Thompson

Leaving school without a diploma: stories behind the decision, Laura K. E. Zimmerman

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

Academic alliances: how constructive bridges are built between high school teachers and college instructors as participants in concurrent enrollment programs, Judith A. Blyckert

Teaching personal talent: the views of community college students, Darla-Gail Bohn

An exploration of the literacy histories of university freshmen composition students with dispositional writing apprehension, Leslie A. Crabtree

Bridge the gap between knowledge and action, Candace L. Crozier

Regional or national accreditation: the reasons for-profit career colleges have changed to regional accreditation and the implications to higher education, Michele Frances Carter Ernst

Professional collaboration and leadership capacity in the high school setting, Kim Hartung-Strouth

How the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards certification process influences teacher reflection and transfers to practice, Susan Kathleen Moore

Analysis of two undergraduate athletic training education programs, Angela M. Perusek

Parents' perceptions from participation in emotional intelligence parenting classes, Monica M. Potter

Theses/Dissertations from 2004

Transformative experiences of learning community graduates, Ferial Abraham

Building learning communities in an urban high school: teacher's perspective, Omoyefe Agbamu

Professional development strategies that can influence teacher change, Kathleen A. Foord

When experienced teachers become parents: exploring transitions in educational philosophy and classroom practices, Karen Moroz

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

The development of student writing through the use of the six traits of writing and self-assessment, Peggy K. Conner

Active learning in secondary classrooms: benefits and barriers, Barbara Elvecrog

Linking theory to practice in an undergraduate teacher preparation reading methods course: the role of the field experience, Mary J. Jacobson

Power, politics, and policy: a sociocultural analysis of the adoption of the administrative and supervisory licensure standards for Minnesota school administrators, Jean A. Jordan

Instructional decisions and high school teaching: models of success, Melissa Luedtke

Facilitating inquiry in a Journey North classroom, Jessica Wiley