Theses/Dissertations from 2021


Yo Soy Mi Idioma: Latinx Bilinguals’ Journeys To Two-way Immersion Education, José Becerra-Cárdenas


My Labor Of Love, Deanna Chiodo


The Work-Life Balance of a Single Mother and Secondary School Principal, Amy Cochran


Factors Influencing the Adoption of Institutional Repository Systems by Academic and Research Library Leadership, Todd Digby


Digital Device Use in Urban Elementary Physical Education Classrooms: Viewpoints, Eric Kaluza


The Case For Culturally Affirming Systems Of Education: Exploring How Professional Development Impacts Culturally Relevant And Critical Literacy Teaching Practices, Carey Seeley Dzierzak


Mitigating Climate Change: Understanding How Teachers Integrate Social Justice Themes In Environmental Education, Gregory Simons,

Theses/Dissertations from 2020


Early Childhood Education in Ethiopia: A Case Study with Implications for Ethiopian Immigrants, Fadila Adam


Concentration: A Pathway To Learning, Habib Amini


Trauma, Trust, and Academic Achievement Stories Shared by High School Dropouts, Vicci Una Johnson


Searching for a Vision: Understanding Educational Equity in Rural Minnesota, Jessica Murphy

Theses/Dissertations from 2019


Middle School Voices On Leadership Matter: Adults Miss "The Small Ways In Which We Lead, Brenda Backes


Addressing How Whiteness Silences African American Narratives in Higher Education in the United States Through Narrative Analysis, Keith Bistodeau


Common Worlds: Multi-Species Interactions at a Nature Based Preschool, Patty Born


Uncovering Leadership Factors that Teachers and Principals Attribute to Math Growth Rate in Two Title I Schools, Stephanie Lynn Bowers Hiatt


Finding Connections Between Teacher Motivation And Professional Development In Pursuit Of Mastery In Practice, Ann Carlson


How Induction Practices Impact Retention: A Case Study, Heidi Dunlap


Trauma-informed Whole School Approach: A Case Study, Melissa Erickson

Female School Superintendents: Their Journey To The Superintendency In Minnesota, Annette Freiheit


Tilting the Floor: Uncovering Leadership Factors Teachers and Principals Attribute to Math Growth Rate in Two Title I Schools, Stephanie Hiatt


Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Utilization of Psychotherapy, Helena Kriel


The Prevalence of Peter Senge's Five Disciplines of a Learning Organization in a Rural High School's Professional Development, Jacquelyn Stevens

Theses/Dissertations from 2018


Examining Group Dynamics Of High School Adminstrative Teams: How Individual And Group Leadership Traits Foster Integration Of Ideas And Actions In Learning Organizations, Steven Brady


Perceptions Of Adult-Child Collaboration In Toddler Environments In A Midwestern Montessori School, Anne Estes


Minnesota Female Principals From Historically Dominated Cultures In The United States: What Are Their Perceptions Of How Ethnicity, Gender, And Race Have Impacted Their Leadership Identity?, Alejandra Estrada-Burt


Decoding A New Age Of Informal Learning: Describing Public Pedagogy For The Web, Alison Holland

Theses/Dissertations from 2017

The Effects Of Poverty On Academic Achievement In Adolescents, Cherleigh Carpenter

Bridging The Gap Between Theory And Practice: Providing Access To And Engaging Students In Developing Skill In Academic Writing, Stacy Lincoln Casper


Teachers’ Descriptions Of The Impact Of False Accusations By Students And Parents, Elizabeth de Leon


Sense Of Belonging And Community In An Alternative Education Program: Perceptions Of Former Graduates And Teachers, Elizabeth A. Janey


Equity And A Quality Education: Perceptions Of Suburban And Urban High School Graduates, Leanne Kampfe


How Family Advocates Home-Visiting In A Midwestern Urban Area Describe The Impact of Family Stress On Children’s Learning And Success In School, Virginia Lucio

A Search For Poly-Collaborative Education: Rediscovering The Social Values Of Minnesota’s Founding Farmers And Imperfect People, Brian W. Mumford


Understanding Nontraditional Transfer Student Challenges And Persistence To Degree Completion, Marcia L. Runnberg-Valadez

An Embedded Single Case Study Of A Large Urban Charter School In The Midwest In The United States: The Impact Of School Leadership On Student Academic Achievement, Mohamed Ibrahim Sheikh


Perceptions From School Principals About The Role Of Schools In Developing Student Leadership, Pangjua Vang Xiong

Theses/Dissertations from 2016


How International Graduate Students Whose First Language is Not English Describe the Impact of Speaking with an Accent in Their Learning, Guadalupe Bañuls

Gifted: An Examination of the Challenges in Gifted/Talented Programs’ High School Student Selection Process, Tracy Chanel Batsell


What Are You Teaching? Curriculums, Expectations, and Experiences of High School Writing Teachers and First Year Composition, Kathryn Elizabeth Fullmer

Engaging Women Educators In Reflective Conversations, Traci Anne Hess


Assessing the Impact of Public Secondary School on the Cultural Identities of Native American Students, Joseph Vincent Hobot

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

Community College Students’ Perceptions of Stress When Experiencing Loss Through Death of Someone Close and the Support that May be Available or Needed, Kathleen M. Bell


Teacher Cognitions in Relation to Pedagogical Practices and Transformative Learning for Purposes of Pre-service Teacher Education, Robin Reginald Bell

How immigrant parents of three to five year old children decide which values are most important to transfer to their children and the reason for their importance, Michelle Jeannette Ademite Berscheid

Leadership Practices of Minnesota Superintendents That Foster a Culture of Innovation among their District Principals, Khuzana E. DeVaan

The Role And Impact Of Reflective Practice On Education Doctorate Alumni’s Professional Practice, Aimee Young Fearing

Competency-based Education in Social Work: Are we there yet?, Jennifer L. Gervais


Making Content Count: How Content Marketing Can Impact Colleges' Recruitment of Undergraduate Students, JacQueline M. Getty

The Pathway to a Senior Housing Officer, A Latino Man’s Journey, Javier Gutierrez

Marketing and Higher Education, Michael J. Hand

How Do High School English Language Learners Experience Community Building in a Constructivist Environment?, Amy Marie Hewett-Olatunde

Engaging Alternatives To A Traditional High School Experinece: A Case Study Of How Graduates Of An Alternative (Project-Based Learning) High School Setting Describe Their Experiences, Insights, And Suggestions For Engaging All Learners, Josiah James Hill


The Beauty of Hatred: The McDonogh Three’s Untold Stories, Leslie Theresa Hitchens


Facilitating Provider Education: The Role and Impact of Healthcare Educators, Jenna Brianne Laine

The Role of Literacy and Language in Building Mathematical Knowledge: A Case Study, Melinda Ellen Langeberg

Reflection On Feedback To Feed-Forward Learning, Rebecca Lynne Lieffort

Developing Teacher Dispositions: A Shared Journey and an Individual Adventure, Jill Lorraine Long


Perceptions of Cyberbullying within Higher Education, Julie Marie Luker

How Teachers' Perceptions of Their Writing Instruction Have Changed Over Time With the Introduction of a One-To-One Learning Environment?, Leah Ann Martin


Finding ‘A Heart to Continue:’ A study of constructive-developmental diversity and academic literacy learning experiences in the adult English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL) classroom, Jennifer Rae Ouellette-Schramm

How do families who are involved in a homelessness-avoidance housing program promote a love for literacy in their children? How does school impact the families’ beliefs and practices about literacy?, Kelly Ann Pylkas-Bock


How Do College Students Define College Preparedness, Matthew Jon Ridenour

Importance of Content Area Reading in Middle School Science, Susan Mary Schmidtbauer


Teacher Beliefs and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, Erin M. Smith

Emotional Intelligence and Elementary Principals’ Leadership, Saloua Salhi Thompson

Improving Personal and Academic Experiences For International Students: An Analysis of an International Student Office at a Midwest University, Laura Mercedes Valladares


Graduate Students’ Perceptions of Sense of Community and Contributing Factors, Amy Lynn Watters

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

Causes of low involvement of Latino parents in their children's school life at South Valley Community School, and strategies to increase that participation, Edgar F. Alfonzo

Noncustodial father involvement in their child's pre-K-12 education, Stacie Brown

Creating a Culturally Responsive Teaching Practice: Does attainment of Minnesota State Standard of Effective Practice Standard 3 – Diverse Learners lead to developing a culturally responsive practice?, Arnoldo Curiel

The significance of LGBT bullying and its lifelong effects?: Listening to former LGBT students' narratives to inform policy makers and educators, Misti Germundson

For and of learning assessments: reading professionals' recommendations for essential adolescent comprehension progress monitoring, Jillian Yvonne Maxe

How non-tenured, novice public school teachers describe their experience with mentoring programs, Karen L. Palmen


Exploring How Faculty Members in Higher Education Respond to an Assessment of their Intercultural Competency, Naomi Rae Taylor

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

Middle level catechetical leaders' experience of conflict during a case of major diocesan reorganization, Lori E. Dahlhoff

Effects of participating in an elementary mathematics methods course of pre-service elementary teachers' mathematics anxiety, Shannon Essler-Petty

The decision to conceal or reveal: the professional lives of gay male educators, Harald K. Faber

Lessons learned: trying to change science teachers' pedagogy through professional development, Nancy E. Geving

The transformative leader: style, mindset, and wisdom, Jana Hennen-Burr

Conflict management in higher education: how university ombudsmen describe their experiences with program implementation and development, Christina Irene Kaiser

Jazz elements of effective collaboration: a comparative study of collaboration in Japanese and American schools, Naomi Ono LeBeau

Early intervention for young children with autism: interventionists share their journey and perspectives of intervention, Donna Lynn Miller

Schools and families of divorce: teacher assumptions of non-resident fathers, Charles N. Nelson

A dual immersion program in Minnesota, Mantilla Eudora A. Olivares

Do you know the stories your students have to tell?: using Latino immigrant English learner narratives to inform teaching, Kristy Marie Otte

How does using a model-centered approach to teaching linear equations affect students' attitudes about learning mathematics?, David Earl Pugh

24/7 access to iPads: middle school students' perceptions, Heidi Barklow Saari

Crafting civic curricula: developing instruction that shapes student attitudes and behaviors, Zachary Tyler Sullivan

Connecting elementary principals' emotional-social intelligence and their use of balanced leadership responsibilities, Jeanne A. Svobodny

Cultivating creativity: using the eco expressions writing curriculum to develop third through eighth grade students' expressive writing and environmental literacy skills, Jan D. Wellik

The design and evaluation of a training program as a vehicle to change behaviors and perceptions of operational employees through total quality management leadership in a manufacturing environment, Oscar G. Zambrano

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

Urban teacher leaders' perceptions of professional purpose and school culture through metaphors: a case study of one Midwestern high school, Christina Babadjanian

Assessing digital scholarship in higher education, Susie A. Brooks

Reactive attachment disorder in elementary education, M Kelly Duffy

Reflective teaching practices: novice secondary teachers reflect on practice, Elizabeth L. Keeling

How leaders in the helping/service professions describe their servant leadership in terms of wisdom and humility, James T. Rustad

Reflecting on the role of a secondary literacy coach in an urban high school, Reber Nicole Schiffler

Multicultural supervision competency development in a technical college setting, Vera Harold Enrique Torrence

Theses/Dissertations from 2011

Analyzing the end user experience for impacting district technology planning, Julie Elizabeth Hall Carter

School shootings: elite interviews with three rampage shooters, Thomas R. Hoffman