This collection includes Capstone Theses and Dissertations submitted by Hamline School of Education and Leadership master’s and doctoral students, respectively. Capstones are the culminating degree work and include research that draws from the student’s formal study as well as professional and personal development.

This is an online listing of the scholarly works of HSEL graduate program students. Works prior to 2015 are available in print in the Bush Memorial Library. Full text, online, prior to 2015, may be restricted to current Hamline students, faculty and staff.

See also: School of Education and Leadership Student Capstone Projects

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Theses/Dissertations from 2002

The role of religion in the public schools, Mary M. Shapiro

Incorporating computer technology into the visual arts curriculum, Jennifer Wesson Silus

The Children's Literacy Initiative (CLI): an evaluation of emergent literacy within the St. Paul Head Start program : a case study, Abeba Baire Sium

Community building through the use of Responsive classroom's morning meeting, Lori Beth Smith

Teaching and stress, Heather Spitzner

A solid path: helping middle school students become self-managed learners by teaching organizational and study skills, Jane M. Stone

Using learning centers to help insure success for students with special needs, Allison L. Storti

The impact of kindergarten news on a child's literacy development, Amy Karen Tervola

The effect of student self-designed experimentation on student attitudes towards science, Michael Thomsen

Composition for middle school band, Rebecca A. Totzke

How will a ninth grade transition team program affect the attendance and passing rates of participating students?, Darya D. Trimble

Building community through the morning meeting in the first ten days of school, Jane Ellen Tucker

Creating and maintaining a respectful classroom environment, Julie Ann Urban

Using the writer's workshop to improve student achievement in the primary grades, Cynthia K. Venberg

Comparing teacher-centered versus student-centered teaching styles in a recycling unit, Jason R. Voss

How can a teacher approach character education in the first grade classroom?, Kelly Voss

Why are African American males failing and what can we do about it?, Sarah Wahlquist

How can teachers effectively meet the instructional needs of all learners in an increasingly diverse classroom?, Kristie Weigel

Environmental studies curriculum, Lori Ann Wester

Developing an advisory program in an alternative education setting, Allison LaBree Whittlef

The relationship of self-reported learning styles and success on the grade three Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments in reading and mathematics, Marie Elizabeth Wilkie

Teaching grammar in the context of the writer's workshop, Lois J. Williams

Positive changes in classroom climate as a result of the ENVoY curriculum, Kelli Wilson

Inquiry science: effectively managing the necessary transition from exploration to investigation, Linda Wilterdink

Authentic memories, Patricia Ann Wollmering

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

Effective strategies to create success for disruptive students in the primary regular education classroom, Jodi R. Johnson

Effective strategies that create success for disruptive students in the primary classroom, Durene E. Nelson

Eliminating threat and enriching like crazy: brain compatible strategies in the math classroom, Mona Lesley Springer