How does white privilege and misconceptions about the black male identity affect the engagement and academic achievement of black male students?





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A report published in 2010 by the Schott Foundation concluded the declining academic achievement of Black male students has now become a national education crisis, and systemic change needs to occur within our school systems to ensure the academic, environmental, and social needs of Black male students are being met to prepare them for success. Current research fails to adequately include the perspectives of Black male students about this epidemic. The study in this capstone examines five qualitative face to face interviews of Black male students. The results of the study were analyzed using a thematic approach to explore common factors among each student's school experience. The findings concluded the achievement of Black male students is gravely impacted as a result of negative teacher interactions, stereotypes, and disproportionality in school discipline. Implications and recommendations were discussed and determined as a result of the study.

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