Summer 2018



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Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Kim Koeppen

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Heather Schmidt

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Colleen Kopp


The research question addressed in this study was “Does REWARDS Intermediate remain an effective intervention for striving readers when adapted for a 30-minute time frame?” This research emerged from a concern for upper elementary aged students who are striving to catch up with their peers when it comes to phonics and decoding skills. The study explored students’ and teachers’ mindsets, as well as the effectiveness of the REWARDS curriculum when adapted for 30-minute rather than 50-minute lessons. Effectiveness was measured in terms of: 1) multisyllabic word part and whole word fluency growth, 2) mindset and attitude changes, and 3) connected text fluency growth. Findings suggested that the adaptations supported students’ growth in multisyllabic word parts, mindset, and connected text fluency.

Research Methodology

Action Research


At-risk Students, Curriculum, Motivation, Reading

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Education Commons