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With an increasing number of English language learners in U.S. classrooms it is important that educators include direct instruction of academic vocabulary to make content more accessible for ELLs building CALP. This study creates a supplemental method of vocabulary instruction to teach primary science vocabulary in a guided reading setting. Guiding questions asked: is vocabulary acquisition important how can academic language be supported which method(s) of vocabulary acquisition best meet the needs of ELLs and how can guided reading serve as a setting for supplemental vocabulary instruction. The research of schema theory, comprehensible input, and Cummins' continuum for contextual support frame the delivery of instruction. Results from a series of pre- and post-assessments for listening, reading, and speaking before and after the six-week supplemental instruction showed in an increase in participant achievement in each modality tested. Findings from this study provide that even a short-term supplemental instruction can build academic vocabulary knowledge for ELLs.