Motivating disengaged English language learners





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Student disengagement can occur at all levels of schooling, K-12. It can occur with mainstream students and English language learners (ELLs) alike. The research in this capstone focuses on middle school ELLs. Student engagement in learning is important. It is linked to students' ability to process information better, have a positive self concept and earn higher grades. Additionally, engagement in learning reduces the risk in dropping out school. On the other hand, students that are habitually disengaged are at risk for major losses in learning, drug and alcohol abuse, early sexual activity, and dropping out of school. It is imperative for educators who work with ELLs to understand the factors that can affect their engagement in learning. This paper identifies seven reasons why ELLs may disengage from learning and provides solutions and strategies that educators can implement in order to motivate them.

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