Twenty-first century learning for first graders





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The research question addressed is, what learning experiences do my first graders need to experience to develop 21st century skills? My motivation for this capstone was my desire to prepare my first graders for working, living, and thriving in the 21st century. The topics researched in this capstone include: 21st century learning, first grade learners, and interactive whiteboards such as SMART Boards. The research was used to create curriculum to provide 21st century learning experiences. Through my research, I found eight 21st century themes that I chose as a focus for my curriculum: Inventive Thinking, Global Awareness, Global Responsibility, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Technological Literacy, Problem Solving, and Effective Communication. The lessons I created meet Minnesota's standards for technology and my district's standards in the areas of social studies, language arts, and math. This curriculum would be beneficial for all elementary educators wanting to provide 21st century learning experiences for students.

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