Curriculum compacting as a method of increasing motivation in an underachieving, gifted student





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The research question addressed in this project was, how effective is the technique of curriculum compacting in increasing the motivation of an underachieving, gifted ninth grade student in a United States Government class? It documents the efforts of the teacher to utilize curriculum compacting in an effort to reverse an entrenched pattern of underachievement in a ninth grade student. The author documents particular issues and theories in working with various types of underachievers as well as essentials when implementing the concept of curriculum compacting. The implementation, successes, and shortcomings of the strategy are examined based on parent, student, and teacher feedback. The author concludes that: 1) The pacing of a traditional classroom may be too slow for a gifted student 2) Partnership with parents is crucial 3) Non-academic barriers are difficult to break in the short term 4) Curriculum compacting, when structured appropriately, benefits the gifted learner.

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