How does participating in a brain-based classroom impact students' attitudes when learning another language?





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One factor that has especially fascinated me recently in the field of education is the area of brain research and applying brain-based strategies in the classroom. With this study, I wanted to find out if learning another language in a brain-based classroom would positively affect students' attitudes toward, and even improve their retention of, another language. Graduate courses I've taken, books I've read (including those of Eric Jensen), and educators I've spoken with (including my coworker and expert reader for this paper) have influenced my choice of a research study, as well as the framing of it. In my study, I implemented various brain-based strategies in my classes, and then had my level IV high school Spanish students, as well as fellow Spanish teachers, fill out surveys and questionnaires, so that I could get their feedback on the most helpful activities and aspects of a brain-based classroom environment. Throughout this paper you will find the documents I used and the results I found, which I hope will prove how participating in a brain-based classroom can positively impact students' attitudes when learning another language.

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