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Janet Hanson

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ASD:Collaborative Trnstn Prgrm

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Spring 2014



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The intent of this course is to develop an understanding of the impact an autism spectrum disorder has throughout an individuals' educational, employment, and independent living environments. Emphasis will be on the characteristics, issues, and essential elements for effective transition involved in the education and support of adolescents and young adults across the spectrum. Participants will learn effective strategies based on current research they can use to teach individuals with ASD how to manage, cope, contribute, and succeed in educational, home, employment, and community environments. Collaboration among multidisciplinary team members involved in the assessment of academic, functional, social communication, employment, and independent living abilities will be a major focus of this course. A variety of educational approaches will be explored. Participants will integrate, apply, and evaluate strategies learned and have the opportunity to share and reflect on the results with their classmates. The overall goal of this course is to teach educators and other team members how to prepare self­determined individuals able to advocate their wishes, goals, needs, and accommodations. Curricular options will be carefully considered to provide opportunities related to an individual's interests, strengths, instructional level, self-understanding, self-regulation, and self-determination. This is a requirement for the ASD license and an elective course for the ASD certificate. It is intended to be completed near the end of the ASD license/certificate.