Philosophy of Journal of Public Law and Policy

For more information, please see Journal of Public Law and Policy Aims and Scope page.

Who Can Submit?

Anyone may submit an original article to be considered for publication in Journal of Public Law and Policy provided he or she owns the copyright to the work being submitted or is authorized by the copyright owner or owners to submit the article. Authors are the initial owners of the copyrights to their works (an exception in the non-academic world to this might exist if the authors have, as a condition of employment, agreed to transfer copyright to their employer).

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Outside Author Submission Information

The Journal invites all members of the bench, bar, and academic communities to submit manuscripts on any area of the law that may be of interest to the legal profession. The Journal is published twice annually and is comprised of essays, legal articles, public administration articles and current public law and policy issues.

Submitted manuscripts should be word-processed, single-sided, double-spaced, and include footnotes generated by a word processor (i.e. not manually). Only one type of footnote numbering may be used; dedications or other information must be numbered as a normal footnote. Citation format must conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (most current edition). The Journal currently uses Microsoft Word 2003 for Windows XP in the publication process. Therefore, documents must be readily convertible into that format.

Submissions may be sent either electronically via email to publiclaw@hamline.edu; via the electronic delivery system ExpressO (express online deliveries to law reviews); or hard copy via the United States Postal Service or any other parcel carrier to:

Articles Editor
Hamline Journal of Public Law & Policy
Hamline University School of Law
1536 Hewitt Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55104-1284

Authors should also attach a current resume and an abstract of their submission. Manuscripts will not be returned except in very rare circumstances. Each submission will be reviewed by the articles editor for publication considering editorial limitations, publication schedules, and space availability. Due to a large number of submissions, responses will most often only be provided to those individuals the Journal wishes to extend an offer for publication. The Journal will not publish material that has been committed for publication in another journal or legal periodical without the written permission by the Journal's Board of Editors. All authors should promptly notify the board of editors when their work has been accepted elsewhere.

If you have questions or concerns about submitting an original work Journal of Public Law and Policy, please contact the editors.

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Rights for Authors and Journal of Public Law and Policy

As further described in our submission agreement (the Submission Agreement), in consideration for publication of the article, the authors assign to DigitalCommons@Hamline all copyright in the article.

Attribution and Usage Policies

Reproduction, posting, transmission or other distribution or use of the article or any material therein, in any medium as permitted by written agreement, requires credit to Hamline University School of Law's Journal of Public Law and Policy's publication by way of proper citation or a web link to the original source material.

General Terms and Conditions of Use

Users of the DigitalCommons@Hamline website and/or software agree not to misuse the DigitalCommons@Hamline service or software in any way.

The failure of DigitalCommons@Hamline to exercise or enforce any right or provision in the policies or the Submission Agreement does not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. If any term of the Submission Agreement or these policies is found to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the court should endeavor to give effect to the parties' intentions as reflected in the provision, and the other provisions of the Submission Agreement and these policies remain in full force and effect. These policies and the Submission Agreement constitute the entire agreement between DigitalCommons@Hamline and the Author(s) regarding submission of the Article.

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