Fall 2017


Capstone Project

Degree Name



Susan L. Manikowski

Content Expert

Michelle Jacobs


The research questions addressed in this project was: Does a classroom website increase positive communication and relationships with teachers and parents? It provides readers research regarding the benefits of different communication strategies that can take place between teachers and parents. The project then narrows down to the focus of building a classroom website that will increase communication and build relationships between parents and teachers. Throughout the different chapters, the author describes the benefits, but also the barriers that come with communicating through a classroom website. It provides readers information on several different types of school website designs and classroom website designs. However the author focused on using Dunn and Pete’s Taxonomy of a Classroom Website design to create the website for parents to visit throughout the school year and to learn about their child’s education.

Project Type

Website Creation


Community Building, Parent Involvement, Technology

Included in

Education Commons