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Effective Strategies To Teach Arabic As Foreign Language To Level One High School Students


Fall 2017


Capstone Project

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Susan Manikowski

Content Expert

Rachid Ettouhami


There is a lack of curricula based on proficiency for teaching Arabic as a foreign language in the US public schools. This capstone project explores the effective strategies to teach Arabic as a foreign language to level one high school students through the design of a curriculum unit. The author adapted a curriculum based on Integrated Performance

Assessment and understanding by design framework. It documents the creation of all- encompassing unit on Health and Food with teaching strategies based on language

acquisition theories developed for European languages such as Total Physical Response, Input and Output hypothesis. Additionally, this Integrated Performance Assessment unit included effective instructional strategies, formative assessments, and literacy development activities to support students’ language acquisition. This type of curriculum integrates an interdisciplinary, content-based approach that incorporates the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning, (ACTFL, 1996). The curriculum adapted a thematic units planning template developed by Clementi, Curtain, and Lentz, 2010. The ultimate goal is to help Arabic learners develop a working proficiency in the Arabic language and to adequately perform certain professional tasks.

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Assessment, Curriculum, Foreign Language, Arabic

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