Summer 2017


Capstone Project

Degree Name



Jennifer L. Carlson

Content Expert

Meghan Gasdick


The author’s inquiry was: How do implicit bias and the self-fulfilling prophecy phenomenon affect literacy performance in elementary students. Implicit or unconscious bias is known for causing issues with judges and police officers, but new awareness has been brought to the realm of education and how these biases can widen the achievement gap in literacy and other academic areas. The self-fulfilling prophecy phenomenon or Pygmalion Effect, can hinder growth in academics when an educator fails to identify student strengths, only focusing on deficits. This project brings awareness to how implicit bias and the self-fulfilling prophecy through the use of a seven-week professional development course featuring readings, activities and reflections to help educators understand the unconscious bias they have towards their students and how it can ultimately affect their student’s ability to learn and grow

Project Type

Professional Development


Achievement, Adult Education, At-risk Students, Grades/ Student Performance, Literacy, Reading, Reflective Practice, Staff Development, Teachers/ Teaching

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Education Commons