Anna Penner


Spring 2019


Capstone Project

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Vivian Johnson

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Erin Synan


The purpose of this capstone is to address the question what strategies does the research recommend for supporting social studies educators in integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) practices into their core content? STEAM education has been adopted by many American school districts to help prepare students to be successful in 21st century careers. With a focus on problem-based learning and critical thinking, STEAM education can teach students real world skills. The goals of social studies education include preparing young people to be empathetic, active members of society. When teachers are educated in the best methods of integrating STEAM and social studies, students benefit. My review of the research literature lead me to conclude that there is a lack of research and support for social studies teachers in this endeavor. Through this capstone, my goal is to create professional development sessions that are directed at middle school social studies educators with the objective of engaging them in the planning, creation, implementation, and evaluation of STEAM integrated lessons. The professional development series includes a two-hour session designed to inform middle school teachers on the research behind integration, teach skills and strategies for creating integrated lesson plans, and provide time for collaboration, reflection and feedback. Following the two-hour session there will be four, twenty-minute follow-up sessions for collaboration and reflection throughout the year. My interest in this project comes from my personal experiences both as a student and as a middle school social studies teacher. The long term goal is that through teacher education of purposeful integration, social studies teachers can find meaningful ways to integrate STEAM content and skills into social studies curriculum.

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Professional Development


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