Summer 2017


Capstone Project

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Jennifer Carlson

Content Expert

Kimberly Olson


Many schools are transitioning from the pull-out model for English Learner (EL) instruction to the co-teaching model, and many factors are likely to impact the smoothness of this transition. As a result, the author’s research questions were: Is the coteaching model for EL instruction truly more effective than the pull-out model? If so, how can elementary schools effectively transition from the pull-out model to the co-teaching model? An examination of the existing literature demonstrates that very little research has been conducted comparing the effectiveness of the pull-out and co-teaching models. However, research does provide a number of components that must be in place for an effective transition from the pull-out model to the co-teaching model. A website was created to synthesize the research on these components, along with a checklist that EL teachers may use to guide them in making an effective transition

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Website creation


ESL/ ELLs, Teachers/ Teaching

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