Capstone Project Title

Incoporating Functional Chunks Into The Spanish Language Classroom


Spring 2018


Capstone Project

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Betsy Parrish

Content Expert

Grace Johnson


The research question addressed in this project was, what is the best way to incorporate functional chunks into a foreign language classroom. The author creates a supplemental guide for teachers to use to as a way to incorporate functional chunks, sometimes call formulaic language or prefabricated speech, which the author calls dichos, into the Spanish classroom. The author details the importance of functional chunks in learning language, as well as the importance of noticing and practice. The methodology for the created guide is based on Maggie Baigent’s suggestions for incorporating functional chunks into the classroom, Wiggins & McTighe’s backward design model as well as several of ACTFL’s core practices. The design includes four themes or units and within each theme there are three sample dichos. For every new dicho there are four steps for incorporating: 1) selection of dichos using backward design 2) introduce in a contextualized way, 3) explore and notice structure or grammar features, 4) continued, meaningful practice.

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Curriculum, Foreign Language, Teachers/ Teaching

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