Summer 2017


Capstone Project

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Laura Halldin and Susan Manikowski

Content Expert

Tom Mulroy


The research question addressed in this project was: How can curriculum be created to increase student conceptual understanding of multiplication? The author investigated how to develop an understanding in multiplication through research on conceptual understanding, the stages of learning multiplication and how to integrate a conceptual understanding into the classroom. The author considered the work of Boaler, Brickwedde, Carpenter and Wright to guide his research. The Understanding by Design model from Wiggins and McTighe was used to create the curriculum. The research resulted in a six week multiplication curriculum which consists of daily forty-five minute intervention period through four stations: Teacher station, Game station, Proof station and Practice station. Included are materials, plans and a Conceptual Multiplication Assessment which the instructor can use to monitor student learning in a fourth grade classroom.

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Education Commons