Spring 2018


Capstone Project

Degree Name



Susan Manikowski

Content Expert

Jon Kahle, Sally Platt


The research question addressed in this project was, what is the impact of Newsela on developing disciplinary content area literacies to improve vocabulary instruction? The author describes the process of researching and creating a literacy action plan developed for the purpose of providing secondary schools with the timeline and implementation tasks for engaging students in authentic literacy experiences in all content areas. Research around effective literacy plans, specifically by Irvin, Meltzer, and Dukes assisted in development of goals, implementation tasks, and criteria for success. The author defines the key components of this plan, detailing new learnings and struggles throughout the process. She concludes that Newsela can be used to develop an effective plan for change if collaboration and a vision for success are clearly established.

Project Type

Literacy Action Plan


Interdisciplinary Teaching, Leadership, Literacy, Staff Development

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Education Commons