Fall 2017


Capstone Project

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Patty Born Selly

Content Expert

Tim Kamenar


This project addresses the question of how to build the capacity of student services staff and university faculty to connect graduate level English language learners to appropriate language-based resources. Because student support resources on larger university campuses are often dispersed and frequently targeted to undergraduate populations, it can be difficult for students to have knowledge of and access to resources and services. This project, utilizing previous research to support the foundational assumptions that international graduate students require special attention, documents the creation of a website to serve the needs of students, staff, and faculty at a large research university. The author discusses challenges in creating this website such as technical considerations, institutional barriers to full implementation, and the desire to increase the scope of the project to address support resources for all international students, not just non-native speakers of English. She also addresses the main successes of this project which are collaboration across units and the beginning of new student support initiatives.

Project Type

Website Creation


Adult Education, ESL/ ELLs, Multicultural Education

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Education Commons