Fall 2017


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Patty Born Selly


In education today, more and more children are being identified to have reading difficulties in classroom. This is one of the main reasons that wanted to obtain my Master of Arts in Literacy Education, and ultimately lead to the development of my research focus question: What interventions, strategies, or supplemental programs are available to address and aid, primary students who struggle in reading? While seeking the answer to this research question, I learned a lot about the development of literacy itself. I discovered how literacy has changed throughout time, and the major theorists who contributed to these changes. I also developed a greater understanding of the components of literacy; the alphabetic principle, phonological and phonemic awareness, vocabulary, accuracy and fluency, and reading comprehension. I learned how these components are all interrelated and contribute to one another, and that these components all followed a progression of development. Once I had gained new understanding of these components, I dug deeper to discover that there are specific research based interventions and strategies that help students who are struggling, address their reading difficulties. This new information developed the idea to design a resource guide for teachers, that organized these early interventions and reading strategies in a way that was easily accessible and that could be easily transferred to the classroom.

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Resource Guide


At-risk Students, Literacy, Reading, Teachers/ Teaching

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Education Commons