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Promoting moral reasoning in a K-6 group discussion setting through children's literature-based moral dilemmas





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The research question addressed in this project was: How can children's literature-based moral dilemmas be used in a curriculum to promote moral reasoning in a K-6 group discussion setting? In recent years, schools have shown increased interest in the institution of moral education programs and acknowledge the role of teachers in students' moral maturation. This capstone documents the researcher's response to one elementary school's desire to strengthen their social curriculum by engaging students in multi-age group discussions to promote moral reasoning. Following a review of moral development theorists, models of moral education, and the value of literature to promote moral intelligence, the author details the methodology behind the curriculum design. The result is a curriculum guide that prepares teachers with useful background information and leads them through the process of presenting the constructed literature-based moral dilemma monologues and facilitating responsive moral discussions.

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