Hmong popular music in Minneapolis and St. Paul: a middle-school music curriculum





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The capstone included a literature review that focused on teaching multicultural and popular music. The researcher investigated the definition of popular music, the globalization of popular music, and best practices for teaching popular music. This review also investigated theories of multicultural education, the intersection of multicultural education with music education, and models for teaching multicultural music education. This study employed ethnography and backward design to create a middle-school general music curriculum about Hmong popular music. The hip-hop musician Tou Saiko Lee and the rock musician Kace Vang were both interviewed during the ethnography and feature prominently in the curriculum. In addition the author described how ethnography and backward design were employed to generate the curriculum. The unit assessments included activities where students studied the life and music of Tou Lee and Kace Vang. These lessons require students to work in small groups to create and perform arrangements of songs by these musicians.

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