How to use brain-based learning in single-gender classrooms in the public elementary school system





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The research question addressed in this project was, how can single-gender classrooms in the public elementary school apply brain-based research to maximize student learning for boys and girls? This capstone details the benefits of single-gender classrooms beginning in the elementary school years, strategies to specifically implement in classrooms for boys and classrooms for girls, brain differences between the genders, observations from two single-gender classrooms, and interviews with teachers, students and a parent of single-gender classes. Key influences for this research project included Leonard Sax, Michael Guiran, and Eric Jensen. Their dedication to brain-based learning and single-gender classroom research were extremely powerful for this project. The author of this capstone recognizes that offering a single-gender option at the elementary level can increase self-confidence for some children, provide engaging activities in learning specific to research-proven gender traits, and encourage life-long learners from the beginning.

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