School uniforms: a qualitative examination of the effects on schools, families and students





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The research question addressed in this project was, what are the effects of school uniforms on schools, families and students? It documents interviews with St. Paul administrators in order to ascertain their perspectives on the consequences of uniforms. The key influence was the author's experience teaching at a uniformed school in New Zealand. Four administrators were interviewed, two who led schools which required students to wear uniforms and two who led schools which did not. The questionnaire utilized during the interview consisted of thirteen questions, targeting six themes commonly discussed in literature pertaining to school uniforms. These themes were: cost, class distinctions, student development, legality, school safety/behavior, and achievement.The author found a general agreement amongst participants that uniforms aided administrators by simplifying regulation of dress, negated gang clothing and improved academic focus in classrooms. Responses did not demonstrate a consensus that uniforms improved academic achievement or reduced division between students.

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