Fostering the intrinsic motivation of high school-aged Spanish language learners through the enhancement of curriculum delivery and teaching style





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This Capstone examined intrinsic motivation in regards to second language acquisition in a high school classroom. The research question that guided this study was What factors determine the intrinsic motivation of high school-aged Spanish learners, and how can I apply my understanding of motivation to enhance my curriculum delivery and teaching style in order to heighten my students' intrinsic motivation? The presentation of the research literature focused on common factors that affect intrinsic motivation, specifically in conjunction with second language learning. Seventy-eight high school-aged Spanish language students were surveys from multiple levels. The results were compiled from the whole group, as well as categorized into high intrinsic motivation and low intrinsic motivation. The results yielded some similarities between the two motivational groups and some divergences. The conclusions drawn from the study are then applied to teaching strategies and curriculum in order to increase intrinsic motivation in the classroom.

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