My child's teacher doesn't know our history: relearning Native American education from the insight and experiences of families





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What are the perceptions and experiences of rural and urban Native American families towards Native American education? Eight Native American women caring for children in school answered questions about their educational backgrounds, cultural responsiveness, urban and rural education, school expectations, family involvement, and how to improve Native American education. The key findings were: (1) culture is important to students and families yet cultural education is lacking in schools, (2) there is a need for a more accurate portrayal of Native Americans in the teaching of history, (3) teachers often have low expectations of Native American students, (4) families are surprisingly positive about recent changes in education policy that require more testing of students, (5) teachers need to make an effort to learn about student backgrounds including making connections with each student's family, and (6) Native American students today are, in general, receiving a better education than that of their parents.

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