Jazz elements of effective collaboration: a comparative study of collaboration in Japanese and American schools





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This autoethnographic study investigates the presence or absence of jazz schema within Japanese and American teacher/school collaboration practices through the author's personal experiences. Business scholars have recently recognized Jazz concepts as an effective metaphor to enhance productivity in this globally competitive world. Jazz is a collective art, but it is also an art that respects diversity. Jazz musicians are flexible, creative and spontaneous yet they unify to create musical masterpieces. It is a perfect metaphor to use to study our changing needs in our increasingly diverse culture. Jazz is an African American art form that shares many values with non-western cultures. As a result of my comparative study of Japanese and American collaboration routines, it was made clear that Japanese routines are much more likely to exhibit jazz values than American teacher/school collaborations. Recommendations are made for American school administrators, policy makers and teachers to include non-western cultural values or the jazz schema into their curriculum and educational system for the sake of their racially, culturally and linguistically diverse students.

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