Digital video: a tool for developing voice in writing





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This study examines how the use of digital video impacts the development of voice in expository writing as measured by 6+1 Traits voice criteria. This study also discusses the impact the creation of digital video has on student motivation as measured by the degree to which students obtained a state of flow as described by Cskiszentmihalyi. Students eligible for the study scored at least a three on a five-point 6+1 Traits rubric when given an expository writing prompt. Using multiple collection tools, the researcher conducted an emergent case study with eight intermediate level students. The researcher provides recommendations for pedagogical practices that can be utilized in developing a writer's voice. These recommendations are based upon three emerging themes: 1) moving abstract visualizations for a formal state may impact voice development 2) reflective practice is embedded in digital video creation 3) voice-overs can promote explicit connection between speaking and writing voice.

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