Exploring the Brain Gym Program as an Academic Intervention for Elementary Students


Fall 12-5-2014



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Walter Enloe

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Leah Shirley

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Nancy Roetman


The research question addressed in this project is, how is the Brain Gym Program utilized as an individualized intervention for mainstream elementary students? The researcher wanted to know if the Brain Gym exercises that she experienced as a child could be effectively utilized as an intervention in mainstream elementary classrooms. The project is based on Paul Dennison’s Brain Gym Program. The author documents the details of her qualitative research project, including interviews and observations of professionals using the program as an intervention. At the end of the project, the author concluded that: 1) the popularity of the program seems to be decreasing in this area and other programs are on the rise; 2) while there is a lack of scientific proof that the program is effective, anecdotal stories of positive results abound; 3) how the Brain Gym Program is utilized is dependent on each professional and varies widely.


Brain-based Learning, Brain Gym

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