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The purpose of this case study was to provide an in-depth analysis of one adult's instruction and learning using onset and rime phonics and phonemic awareness activities. Key influences included Tarone, Vinogradov, Young Scholten & Strom, Trupke-Bastidas & Poulos, Kurvers, and Evans. The case study consisted of 18 one-on-one tutoring sessions with a 63-year-old Somali woman who had never attended school in Africa. The data collection instruments were a background questionnaire, pre- and post-tests decoding one-syllable words, a final word and photo matching test, running records, and a reflective journal. The study found that: 1) the participant was able to develop decoding and phonemic awareness skills while still learning to speak English 2) onset and rime phonics instruction during Whole-Part-Whole reading lessons was beneficial and 3) decoding error patterns were similar to those exhibited by English-speaking children learning to read for the first time.