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The research question addressed in this case study was, how does the ESL and mainstream co-teaching team negotiate the planning, instructing, and assessing process? It discusses the author's attempt to describe in detail how she, as the ESL teacher in the study, worked to co-plan, co-instruct, and co-assess a seven-week unit on The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in a seventh grade ESL co-taught English class. The author describes the research done on co-teaching including factors that determine ESL co-teaching success, how to navigate the co-teaching relationship, as well as the realities involved with co-planning, co-instructing, and co-assessing. The author documented the co-teaching process using detailed journaling, interviews with her mainstream co-teacher and school principal, and a student focus group to offer a clear look at how co-teachers negotiate the co-teaching process. She then synthesized her findings with the research to present her final conclusions regarding the ESL co-teaching process.