A diary study of Arabic second language acquisition: the growing participator approach to self-directed language learning





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This diary study sought to evaluate the effectiveness of the Growing Participator Approach (GPA) used by the writer on a part-time basis to learn Arabic. The GPA, formerly known as the Thomson method, is a flexible, self-directed approach to second-language learning. Communicative language activities with a native speaker (NS) of the target language (TL) aim to introduce the learner to a large amount of vocabulary and grammar. The GPA focuses on speaking and listening tasks to improve the learner's ability to communicate in the TL and build relationships with more NSs. The learner regularly writes in a language diary to facilitate individualized lesson planning, materials preparation, independent practice, and self-evaluation. Following the GPA over five months in once-weekly sessions introduced the writer to over 500 vocabulary items and a variety of grammatical structures. The writer determined that following the GPA on a more intensive schedule would likely be more effective.

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