Fall 2017



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Jennifer Carlson

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Kelly Killorn-Moravec


Institutional racism is prevalent in our society. It is the researcher’s belief that we must acknowledge the effects of racism in order to address the needs of individuals of color. The schools in our nation are an important place to start. The goal of this research is to create a list of barriers to individuals of color entering the field of education. Mixed methods research data collection and literature review aid in solving the research question: What are the barriers to individuals of color entering the field of education? A significant race gap has been noted by the researcher and it is believed to be due to the predominantly European American teaching force and an increasingly diverse student population. To prepare students for lives of high achievement and success, our schools need a teaching force that is not only highly effective but also ethnically and racially diverse. In recent years, progress has been made in attempting to attract individuals of color to the field of education, but major barriers still exist. Results suggest that without public investment and policy change, the race gap is expected to widen to the detriment of all students. Affecting not only the achievement of students of color, but also contributing to the shortage of teachers of color who can effectively meet the educational needs of all students.

Research Methodology

Survey (attitude scale, opinion, questionnaire)


Achievement, Adult Education, At-risk Students, Grades/ Student Performance, Multicultural Education

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Education Commons