Fall 12-12-2016



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Bonnie Swierzbin

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Martin Buschkuehl

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Joseph Sandkamp


The research question addressed in this project was, how can an oral language strategy guide be created to support ELs language development in the elementary math classroom that uses ST Math. The capstone outlines strategies that can be paired with online content from ST Math to help ELs and native speakers develop oral language around the math puzzles presented in the standards based curriculum. By simultaneously addressing conceptual understanding of math content and English language development, the strategy guide works to meet the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and the Principles of Math Instruction for ELs using ST Math, an online visual tool, as the language support. The strategy guide incorporates ESL best practice including SIOP strategies and presents numerous graphic organizers and oral language supports to encourage mathematical discourse using everyday and academic language. (136 words)

Research Methodology

Curriculum Development


Brain-based Learning, ESL/ ELLs, Mathematics, Technology

Menz_2016_Capstone_Strategy1.mov (82097 kB)
Strategy 1 Video - Menz 2016

Menz_2016_Capstone_Strategy2.mov (148606 kB)
Strategy 2 Video - Menz 2016

Menz_2016_Capstone_Strategy3.mov (111659 kB)
Strategy 3 Video - Menz 2016

Menz_2016_Capstone_Strategy4.mov (105948 kB)
Strategy 4 Video - Menz 2016

Menz_2016_Capstone_Strategy5.mov (130648 kB)
Strategy 5 Video - Menz 2016

Menz_2016_Capstone_Strategy6.mov (59814 kB)
Strategy 6 Video - Menz 2016

Menz_2016_Capstone_Strategy7.mov (80814 kB)
Strategy 7 Video - Menz 2016

Menz_2016_Capstone_Strategy8.mov (130827 kB)
Strategy 8 Video - Menz 2016

Menz_2016_Capstone_Strategy9.mov (66218 kB)
Strategy 9 Video - Menz 2016

Menz_2016_Capstone_Strategy10.mov (109772 kB)
Strategy 10 Video - Menz 2016

Menz_2016_Capstone_Strategy11.mov (108105 kB)
Strategy 11 Video - Menz 2016

Menz_2016_Capstone_Strategy12.mov (92559 kB)
Strategy 12 Video - Menz 2016

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