The perceptions of Pakistani English language teahers [sic] of the barriers to promoting English lanague [sic] acquisition using student-centered communicative language teahcing [sic] with the students of their ESL classrooms





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This qualitative study examines Pakistani English language teachers' perceptions of the barriers to promoting English language acquisition using student-centered Communicative Language Teaching with the students of their ESL classrooms. The motivation behind this study was the researcher's reformative zeal to better the English language conditions in Pakistan. The intent of this study is to provide a deeper insight into the challenges teachers face in incorporating CLT in their English Language classes. The qualitative research is conducted using a questionnaire which was emailed to the participants in Pakistan. Total eight Pakistani English teachers volunteered for this study. They were asked to watch five video clips, selected from the website of Online English Language Center, prior to responding to the questionnaire. Findings of this research project suggest English language teachers in Pakistan to blend communicative ways in teaching to create a tension-free environment in which learners can not only develop better language skills but also improve on their critical thinking ability.

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