Fall 11-21-2016



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Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Julia Reimer

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Kimberly Johnson

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Matt Kruger


This study looked at how English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers’ motives and identities changed throughout their careers. It looked at teachers’ initial motivations for entering the field, and how these motivations changed with regards to their ever-evolving teacher identity. It also looked at some of the roles and challenges EFL teachers encounter while working in foreign countries and how this contributes to their job satisfaction and desire to continue teaching. Data was gathered through interviews with four EFL teachers. Results concluded that EFL teachers’ motives frequently involve external factors not related to teaching and that their ongoing motives and identities are strongly tied to a desire for professional growth and development. The study also found that EFL teachers spend much of their early professional life figuring out an identity and that, while they are satisfied with their chosen profession, they are not tied to one job or location.

Research Methodology



ESL/ ELLs, International Teaching, EFL Teacher Identity, EFL Careers

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