Spring 5-6-2016



Degree Name


Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Stephanie Reid

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Anthony VonBank

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Melissa Hanson


The research question addressed in this project was, how can the use of formative and summative assessments be used to understand student achievement and learning within a 12th Grade Language Arts blended environment? It documents one teacher’s creation of a unit that uses technology in combination with assessment to determine student success within a Language Arts classroom unit. This research project integrated multiple kinds of technology to help understand if this type of assessment creates better or higher levels of learning for students. The author documents the application of the unit after creation. She describes both the outcomes of the assessments but also the strengths and weaknesses of these in an English 12 classroom. These assessments focus on literacies of reading and writing in combination with 21st century tools. The unit research concludes that students can understand their learning better while also needing higher levels of support while working on and in digital ways.

Research Methodology

Action Research, Curriculum Development, Observation


Assessment, Curriculum, Grades/ Student Performance, Literacy

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Education Commons