Latino/Hispanic perceptions of factors that helped them graduate from a four year college/university in the USA





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Hispanics/Latinos, one of the hardest hit group dropouts from U.S. schools. However, some graduate. This study explores the perceptions of four Hispanic/Latino adults on their academic success in colleges or universities in the U.S. I analyzed and summarized the findings of the data from the respondents' completed surveys and questionnaires. These findings were organized and reported by themes that emerged from the guiding questions I designed for my study: role of the family on the participants' success in their college career, school characteristics that played a role in the participants' success in k-12, and factors that played a role in the participants' motivation to go to and graduate from college. Even though there is not one only definite answer to my thesis, it was found that dramatic personal experiences as well as coincidence are factors that motivate a student to go and graduate from college.

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