Writing strategies used and not used by sixth grade ELLs as they write personal essays in the mainstream class





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This capstone is a case study of writing strategies used or not used by four sixth grade ELLs as they write essays for mainstream classroom. Assessments used included notes recording strategies used and not used during classroom time, reviewing answers given to think-aloud questions asked during a specific writing task, assessing answers given by learners during an interview as well as for a questionnaire form. Some findings indicated learners use the strategy of asking for help and discussing ideas with each other most often. Re-reading written work was a strategy rarely used by learners. The findings encourage ESL and mainstream teachers to incorporate strategy-based teaching in writing curriculums to improve the clarity and cohesiveness of students' writing. Limitations of this study would be that it be repeated with more participants to validate the findings and look for more consistencies as strategies are compared and contrasted.

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