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The purpose of this study on cross-cultural nonverbal communication (NVC) was to better understand what contributes to discord in cross-cultural NVC. Up to 80 percent of face-to-face communication takes place nonverbally. The meanings of nonverbal signals, and the display rules that govern their expression, differ culturally. Ken Wilber's Integral Approach was used to look at the interrelationship between exterior and interior elements of a communicative event. A conflict negotiation role play was video-taped during a training of international peace workers in Kenya 2006 for the Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP). The study suggests that much nonverbal miscommunication is affective that nonverbal behaviors can perpetuate conflict and that much of our nonverbal behavior and interpretation is unconscious. The study also suggests that this lack of awareness may contribute more to discord than cultural differences. Implications for NVC training in NP and in the ESL/EFL classroom are discussed.