Fall 12-11-2015



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Primary Advisor/Dissertation Chair

Walter Enloe

Secondary Advisor/Reader One

Frank Hernandez

Peer-Reviewer/Reader Two

Alan Sickbert


This study presents my experience as a Latino male entering the field of residential life and working my way to a senior level housing officer position. My personal account is situated in the context of the greater societal issues of how identity and mentorship are significant in a successful path into residential life. The significance of this study results from the low number of Latinos obtaining and moving up the ranks in residential life. The number of Latinos in the United States is increasing and the number of Latino students entering higher education is growing. Staffs working in student affairs need to be able to support and mentor these students. Due to the importance of the personal narrative, a qualitative design through an auto-ethnographic method was used. Interviews were conducted with three Latino men in various stages of their educational and professional careers which include a self –interview facilitated by a colleague. The findings showed: (a) how Latino men need to have mentors in residential life; and (b) how racial and ethnic identities impact a person’s experiences and concept of self. A counter-story also emerged as a result of how the participant’s self identifies racially are based on Latino Identity Development. This study provides recommendations for student affairs professionals: (a) outreach, hiring, and mentoring of Latino men; (b) examinations of who is being mentored into the field of residential life. The limitations of this study were the small sample size of participants interviewed; the focus on racial identity; and the study was limited to a small private mid-west school. Future studies could focus on the impact of other social identities and their intersections among Latino men in the field of residential life as well as analyzing a variety of different institutions.

Research Methodology

Narrative, Auto-Ethnography


Leadership, Multicultural Education, Social Justice, Staff Development








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