How can I help my struggling first graders read in a French immersion classroom?





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This capstone presents first graders' difficulties when learning to read in a second language. Reviewing literature on strategies encouraging emergent readers in an immersion classroom, the author looks at what reading experts and educational theorists/ psychologists say. During five weeks of study three students, barely reading at the beginning were involved. Successful strategies as teaching the reading components through read aloud, guided reading, repeated reading, during skills block were implemented. Allowing extra time while student read helped. Students cut out letters, mixed them up and read them aloud in the context of a game. Magnetic letters, sand, play-dough helped write, read and draw words. Students learned small songs created with carefully chosen words. Providing rewards was motivating. All three students made huge progress reading. Data shows 70%, 90% and 100% accuracy respectively. They all moved from reading level B books at the beginning to reading level D books at the end.

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