Finding an appropriate balance in off-season strength and conditioning for Division III tennis student-athletes: player perception analysis of off-season strength and conditioning





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Research shows that five components that need to be present in every high level off-season tennis program are stretching, agility, cardiovascular endurance, strength, and sport-specific skill development. My study analyzed player perception of the five main components of off-season strength and condition in tennis by using a likert-scale analysis of 20 male and female Division III tennis student-athletes. I also interviewed 2 male and 2 female tennis student-athletes who participated in our off-season strength and conditioning program to look at perceptions and efficacy of our current program. Results indicated that the student-athlete either agreed or strongly agreed that the five main components should be present in our off-season program and indicated an adequate amount of time to be spent per week in minutes on those five components. Interviews uncovered that the off-season program improved their mental and physical tennis ability but didn't interfere with other responsibilities and activities.

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