How can self-selected reading motivate first graders to read ultimately increasing their reading levels





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This paper documents my journey to creating a classroom environment where students were motivated to read. It examines the instructional practice of self-selected reading and the impact it has on a student's motivation for reading. The work of Deborah R. Dillon, Linda B. Gambrell, Albert Bandura, Allan Wigfield and John T. Guthrie strongly influenced my understanding of motivation for reading. The work of Lucy Calkins, Debbie Miller, Patricia Cunningham and Richard Allington helped me to develop a strong self-selected reading block. The data collected during the research project showed: 1) Creating a classroom library that is filled with a variety of genres and levels is inviting to first graders and motivates them to read more. 2) All students who participated in the study saw an increase in their independent reading level. 3) Self-selected reading is one instructional practice that has a positive influence on a first grader's motivation for reading.

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