A curriculum designed to help students with ASD learn strategies to understand and respond to the unstated rules in social situations





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Because good social skills generally surface in neurotypical children with little effort and minimal coaching from parents and teachers, we tend to take for granted all the little things we just come to consider. Neurotypical individuals continually and effortlessly understand the unwritten rules of almost every environment and situation they encounter. What does this mean for the students with ASD? Students with ASD are not able to pick up on subtle cues or observation. Because of their social impairment one struggles with successfully adapting socially to different environments. Not understanding the social rules can result in serious ramifications for the student with ASD. As educators, how do we help them understand something that is not obvious or easily explained? My Capstone project will focus on designing and implementing a social skills curriculum to help teach students with ASD to understand and respond to the unstated rules in social situations.

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