Evaluating the effectiveness of teacher education programs for prospective teachers





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The research question examined by this study was, what teacher education programs best prepare prospective teachers for a career as an effective educator? The motivating factor for this project was the tremendous difficulties many teachers face when first beginning their career. Teacher accountability and the importance placed on standardized test scores, coupled with an influx in new alternative, fast-track teacher licensure programs were key influences. If more is being demanded of students and teachers, then programs that train teachers must also be scrutinized. This mixed method study includes both quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews. The author concluded that there currently is no perfect model for teacher education programs. Rather, certain components of traditional teacher education must be dissolved, while others retooled. Borrowing from effective aspects of alternative programs, such as the professional development school (PDS) model, is in the best interest of program coordinators, prospective teachers, and their future students.

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