What can parents do to help their teenagers avoid substance use/abuse?





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Many teenagers use substances in the United States which can lead to serious consequences. Research identifies some protective factors against substance use which include parental monitoring, spending quality time with the family, and religion. Research identifies some risk factors for using substances which include stress, boredom, too much spending money, and pessimistic parental attitudes towards teen substance use. Parenting experts insist that good parenting can help teenagers choose not to use substances. Good parenting skills include communicating fair rules and boundaries, displaying and teaching responsibility, empathy, and love. A survey was given to seventy three suburban volunteers who ranged in age from 19 to 64. These people were asked questions about what factors contributed to their own teenage substance use or nonuse. Questions were also asked about their parents' parenting style. There was a connection in this sample between a good teenage-parent relationship and non-use of substances.

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