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How does mentoring, incorporating cognitive coaching, affect the efficacy of selected young music educators?





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The research question in this project was, How does mentoring, incorporating Cognitive Coaching, affect the efficacy of selected young music educators? This study coincided with the Minnesota Music Educators Association Mentorship Project. The literature review included citations by mentoring and coaching experts including Arthur Costa, Robert Garmston, Laura Lipton, Bruce Joyce, Beverly Showers and Laurent Daloz. The author focused on how the mentoring process, with particular emphasis on coaching, affects the teacher's efficacy in teaching. He analyzed and synthesized the exit interview responses of three selected mentorship pairs. This capstone concludes that: 1) the process of mentoring relationships enhanced the professional experience of young music educators and 2) the efficacy of teachers increased as a result of participating in the MMEA Mentorship Project, as well as other factors.

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